Wednesday, April 25, 2012


This week I'm loving.... 
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1. That I had a week off from work last week and it was LOVELY and RELAXING. I went to the beach, went on my first ever trip to Hobby Lobby (nowobsessed), and went to an amusement type place that had mini golf, bumper boats, and a really good ice cream stand!

A few pics of my week:                                         
fave place
 sis and niece on the bumper boats
this rooster was just hanging around

2. Putting new products up in my etsy shop..... want some cute summer accessories? I like the color combinations of these two!

 4. Trying to figure out wedding invitations, well kinda sorta loving it.....I love that we are getting that much closer to the wedding, but I am not loving picking out the invitations that much. I wrote about it yesterday and am looking for opinions here.

3. This pic of my cousin Paige... I love how it looks like she is posing!

 4. Iced coffees on warm days!! 

5. Snuggling with my puppy on the couch... 

6. And my new work computer, love it!! 

Ok, that's it.
What are you all loving this week????

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bridal Talk Tuesday - Invitations!

My most important wedding task lately has been figuring out invitations since they need to be sent out in about 6 short weeks!

And it..... has. not. been. easy.

First of all....cost. I am all for ordering a printable invitation suite, printing at a printing shop, and assembling on my own (or with the help of my lovely bridesmaids)! I want something pretty, but more or less invitations are pretty low on my budget totem pole because we all know that while they look pretty on peoples' fridges for a few weeks..... they all end up in a trash can sooner or later!

Second of all, my wedding colors are turquoise and tangerine, which I love. I am so excited to have a bright and colorful wedding. It reminds me of a sunset over the water.... so that makes the theme of our wedding beachy.....or nautical?.... or ocean-inspired? I'm not quite sure.

I want something that looks bright and pretty.... but invitations with starfish look too tropical, and invitations with anchors look to manly, and every shell invitation I have seen is just blah!

What I need is a graphic design friend.... but I don't have one, so thank goodness for etsy and also this ah-mazing website with lots of wedding templates and clip art to make your wedding diy dreams come true, haha

Here are a few potentials... I'll tell you what I like in another post. Opinions please!!! :) Or ideas of other websites I can scour for cute and affordable invitations, looking at wedding porn (oh style me pretty, how I love you) has been my favorite hobby as of late! :)

Thoughts??? Thanks in advance, y'all!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Needing prayers...

There is a 3 yr old girl missing at a beach near my town right now... Her Mom turned to get a ball and when she turned back around the little girl was gone. She has been missing for about 5 hrs.

I don't know her, but how scary and so sad... Please pray for her safe return. :(

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

 {link up with jamie!}
This week I am loving......
 That's right. I am going back to school. 

It is a pretty selective program and I am really proud of myself for getting in! But now that I have I am scared to death.... it would be a career change and while I think it is want I am also nervous to leave me current job and go back into the school world. It is only a year long program, but it is intense and I have been out of school mode for a while now! Also, I have been at my current job for 4 years now and have gotten pretty comfortable with it! Soooo I am in that excited while extremely nervous stage.

It doesn't start until September so I have some time to get used to it!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


This week I am LOVING.... {link up with jamie!}

1. Having my niece here for the week! She is 16 and this is the first time she has visited all by herself! We are having a lot of fun.... we've gone shopping in Boston, gone bowling, had a slumber party, and tonight we are hosting Mexican night for cousins and aunts and uncles! I can't believe my niece is 16 and growing up so fast! She wears thongs.... I know that is TMI, but seriously, SCARY! She also got hit on by a 27 year old on the train... what a creeper. Luckily my my Mom aka Nana to Shelby shut him down by saying, "It is tiring to walk in Boston all day when you're 16!" Hahaha it was so funny and his reaction was priceless! Shelby was very excited that someone thought she was atleast 21.... yikes. She also thinks every guy she sees is HAWWWT, that is in her Michigan accent! ;)

She wanted me to take lots of pictures of her, so here is her Boston photo shoot.

2. My little niece is growing up so fast too, she is 11 and she acts so old when my 16 yr old niece is around. These girls need to stop growing up so fast!! Last night at the bowling alley she took no less than 50 pictures of herself with my phone... here is a small sample.

All so attractive..... 

3. I want to do a questions and answers post, GOT A QUESTION? I got answers! :)

4. Spring break is in 6 more days.

5. I just found out there is a Hobby Lobby about 1 hr from my house in New Hampshire... definitely going to take a trip up there while I am enjoying my staycation. I have never been to an HB, I am EXCITED!!!

6. Halfway through the workweek, y'all!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Monthly Goals and Look Back

{Look Back} MARCH GOALS.
I did this about 95% of the time.... not too bad.

*Run three days a week, cross train twice, and do weights atleast twice*
Done! I ran, spun/span (haha?), and piyo'ed my booty off! 
*Meal plan to make sure my meals are nutritious (and delicious) haha*
Check again! 

*Finally complete the online indie biz course that I started LAST year!!*
Fail. Maybe in April, I hope!

*SAVE $$*
Pretty good, but I am hoping for even more savings in April! 
*Enjoy the month and the time I get to spend with my brother, bff, and niece at various events!* 
Check... and I had a blast!

*Find an officiant, photographer, {possibly a videographer}, and look into chair rentals!*
Looked into chair rentals and the rest have not been completed! Aah! Gotta do it in April! 

This keeps me in check so I am keeping it

*Run atleast 20 total miles*
 I have the Nike+ app on my iphone and I am in LOVE with it.

*Finally complete the online indie biz course that I started LAST year!!*
Doing it this month!!

*Find an officiant, photographer, {possibly a videographer}, look into chair rentals, and order invitations!*
 Wish me luck, with about 4.5 months to go, I have a lot to do.

*Read atleast two books*
 I am reading a ton so far this year and loving it! Any book suggestions??

*Start some wedding crafting*
I have a bunch of crafty ideas for the wedding and I need to get them going to get them done in time!